Quick Beauty Tips Every Girl on the Go Needs

Late nights in college are hardly avoidable, and every girl knows what a lack of sleep has on the body. Here’s 5 quick tips to help brighten up your beauty routine, and make you feel as beautiful as ever, even when your rocking sweat pants and a bun.


  1. When you wake up moisturize. When you go to bed, moisturize. Before you apply your make-up moisturize. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Stress and lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your skin, causing it to be dry, with less color and vibrancy than normal. Incorporating moisture into your daily routine can have your skin glowing better than ever, even when your running on empty.


  1. Get a manicure. If you have time to go to a nail salon great! If not, splash on a few coats of whatever color you have and go. Nicely painted nails can help you feel more put together and “polished” LOL even when your life is not. Always remember manicured hands are happy hands.


  1. Get a burst of energy by using a face wash with microbeads. Not only do these wake you up, but they leave your skin feeling refreshed, smooth, and filled with a natural vibrancy.


  1. Use dry shampoo. A bad hair day is a bad day, and greasy hair will cause just that. If there’s no time for a shower, spray a bit of dry shampoo on your roots, brush it through, and you are ready to roll. In a pinch, baby powder can also be used, just make sure to use in very small amounts and brush it through completely. Got a few extra minutes? Give the areas with dry shampoo a quick run through by a hair dryer to help evenly distribute.


  1. A little color can go a very long way. To keep a fresh face with little makeup, apply a small amount of blush to your cheek bones. This can make a sleepy face disappear in an instant. If you are feeling extra glum and need some more glow, add a slight highlight along with your blush and a dab of lip color to brighten up that smile.

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